2017 was the year of Influencer Marketing

30 Nov. 2017

2017 the year of Influencer Marketing: and it is only just the beginning!

2017 we can recognize that it certainly was a year of many ups and downs across all realms of the world. But one thing is for sure- this was the year of influencer marketing. With this new wave of marketing, brands are able to connect with their customers on a more digital and personal level. As the need for social media is always increasing, the number of influencers available is growing as well. The combination of both willing brands and willing influencers produces great success and allowed for an amazing year in the world of influencer marketing.

So why move to influencers, rather than big time celebrities for your marketing campaign- we have seen commercials with movie stars before haven’t we? Well, almost 70% of teenage youtube subscribers trust what influencers would say, rather than traditional celebrities. This may be due to excessive nature that was celebrity marketing during the early 2000’s. In 2004, almost 20% of advertisements featured celebrities. Only a few years later in 2012, did the number drop to 9%. Today, the number just keeps decreasing!

This is because many people don’t find celebrities as credible as they used to. It is difficult to trust a company or brand, if the way that they advertised is through a glamorized world.


So, the demand for some authenticity became essential.

As this trend of ‘real people’ campaigns started to emerge, the influx of social media and influencer marketing was paving its way. Influencer Marketing was exactly what brands needed to adhere to the demands of consumers.

Today in 2017, influencer marketing is seen within many brands and companies. Around 73% of marketers claim that they have allocated a budget for influencer marketing.

While companies are developing their campaigns, influencers also have to work to get themselves out there. While working through their own platforms, they have to be their own writer, editor, stylist and PR representative all in one. On top of that, they have to generate their following all on their own, no money involved, but only through simple social media following that grows over time. Factors like these allow an influencer to seem more authentic and credible to the consumers. With their target audience already in tact, brands can find these authentic influencers-specifically macro influencers, ones with up to 500,000 followers- and have them market their products in an desirable way to their followers and consumers.

There were many successful influencer marketing campaigns this year, that aided to the reach that companies needed to expand.
The influencer marketing campaigns of Sprint, Glossier and even Nike each found their niche group of influencers, that were able to market their products in an exciting way, generating more buzz around their company.
On top of that- new and interesting influencers join the scene on a daily basis. From trendy fashion bloggers, or ‘how-to’ youtubers, the options are endless to find the right influencer to fit the campaign that you want to produce. Connecting brands and influencers together has been increasingly easier as well. Through emerging companies like us here at HoopyGang, it creates a simple and efficient place to match both brands and influencers alike, especially when searching for specifics.

While influencer marketing generates authentic people and great results, as it continues to grow into the new year, brands and companies are going to have to work with their influencers to make sure they market well, and not to shy away from the original ideas. This way they continue to advertise enjoyable products in an engaging way, while not becoming the money-hungry stereotype that celebrity marketing comes off as.

Authenticity is what the consumer wants, and it is what they deserve!

Keeping the relationship strong between brand and influencer is important as well because once the personal connection is gone, and the genuinity of the advertisement is scarce, the amount of customers will decrease.

As the decline of celebrity marketing continues, influencer marketing has a duty to maintain its authentic, desirable and reasonable strategy, so it can keep on growing. 2017 was definitely a huge break in the world of influencer marketing, and as we prepare to go into 2018, a new wave of influencer marketing is sure to expand.


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