4 reasons fashion influencers choose Instagram

02 Nov. 2017

Why do fashion influencers use Instagram as their main platform? What even is a fashion influencer? And why does Instagram have such a strong pull on so many of our lives? Who really knows- but one thing is for sure, everyone of us can sure use a little bit of Instagram scrolling in our lives.

In today’s age, we are able to search anything we want at the touch of our fingertips, and are able to express our ideas and opinions freely. Even though there has been situations where this easy access has hurt people, generally, social media is known to be a common and fun way to express ourselves in our daily lives. Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms around the world, and still holds the same amount of ‘pizzazz’ as it did when it first launched in 2010.

With 400 million daily active users, and 700 million monthly active users, there is no doubt that Instagram is still a thriving success, while other platforms like Twitter and Vine have dwindled with time for not holding as much need in a person’s life.

In the case of influencer marketing, Instagram is a great tool to connect brands and influencers together, and is the biggest platform of engagement and reach across all genres.

Now let's look into the fashion influencers. There are too many to even count! Let’s see the 3 main reasons why fashion influencers use Instagram.

fashion influencer instagram - 01

  1. Formats, Usability and Layout: Due to its simple layout and easy form of communication, Instagram holds a place in everyone’s heart for being a photographer of their own. From @sincerelyjules to @stylescrapbook and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, every single style genius holds a unique and different aura about themselves that is presented through their account. Posting their day to day outfits, adventures and favorite trends at the moment, these influencers are at the top tier of fashion in the digital world. With Instagram, They are able to edit their pictures to how they see fit and post them with any caption or emoji that works. On top of that, Instagram launched their Instagram Stories around 2 years ago and since then they have become more popular with the general public. Through Instagram stories, influencers can also post step-by-step real time outfit tutorials or in action videos of where they are and what they are doing. This is just another interactive way to spread their reach in a really convenient fashion- ha-ha ‘fashion’ get it?

  2. It’s all about aesthetics: If comparing the two major social media platforms of the 21st century, Instagram and Facebook, one stands out to be a little trendier while the other may seem like a public free for all. Facebook is great- fantastic in fact- to post multiple pictures or videos at a time that all your friends can see. As people are getting older, they tend to use Facebook more because it’s an easy way to say “hey I just visited this place, with this person and took all these cool pictures” so that your friends, or even in some cases, so your grandma can see what you’re up to! Instagram is for that one great picture that you took, that you want to show off to your followers. As a fashion influencer it is most optimal to post a glamorous photo on Instagram rather than a photoset of a day that you had on Facebook.

  3. It’s very personal: What is also unique about Instagram is that when you click on someone’s profile it seems so personal. With a bio and a grid photoset, you can get the sense of who the person is just by glancing at their profile. This is important to an influencer, allowing them to look more interesting and appealing to the general public.         fashion influencer instagram - 02
  4. It brings you to business: Lastly, probably one of the most significant reasons that fashion influencers use Instagram is because they can get paid. Say what!? You can get paid for posting about your everyday life? Yes, it’s true, and in fact it is quite easy- if you’re the real deal that is. As a fashion influencer, you are known to have a significant amount of followers ranging from around 10,000 to 500,000 active people. With such large audiences, brands recognize that these people have an effect on their followers- sometimes enough influence to persuade them into buying products. As an influencer, companies will come up to them saying “please post a picture of our product, and hashtag this so that our name gets spread out!- oh and you can get all this brand new stuff if you do it!” There are numerous companies who want to sell their new merchandise or products with the help of influencers, and typically the fashion blogging kind. In recent studies it also has been found that influencers can make from up to 7% to 10% commission on sales for every product that they aided in selling. How cool is that? And don’t forget- with the more followers that you have, the more brands that will be knocking at your inbox for your advertising- which means more money and free stuff for you!


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