5 successful influencer marketing campaigns of 2017

26 Oct. 2017

In the world of influencer marketing, there are the few campaigns that are too fantastic to ignore, who leave a mark on their following, as well as others all around the world. Whether it be a combination between fashion and fitness, or companies merging with artists for something unique, each campaign has made a lasting impact in the digital force.

Here are 5 of the top influencer marketing campaigns of 2017:


Sprint, in recent years has been coined as the weaker service provider compared to its competitors of Verizon and AT&T, but in 2017, with some new leadership in their forefront, Sprint has been able to market entirely different, almost creating a new name for themselves in effort to boost their sales. With their latest campaign, #LiveUnlimited, Sprint uses real-life influencers to advertise the company in a new light. Public figures like @lelepons, @gerardadams, @princeroyce, @bradleymartyn and @rachelc00k are included in this campaign, each with their own niche and following. What is interesting about Sprint is that they don’t have their influencers act as actors in a commercial, rather they have them advertise through their personal style and expertise, making it that much more interesting. Due to the fact that each influencer generates a different following, Sprint was able to engage with an increasing amount of customers through these 5 influencers. People respond better to things that seem real rather than fake or forced- just think of the negative reaction the collab between Pepsi and Kendall Jenner received. Sprint took a more natural approach and it has been working out pretty good to say the least. After all their success, Sprint is seen as a re-emerged cool and affordable service provider that is in the ranks with its competitors. Nothing like a little influencer marketing to help you out!

Sprint - Influencer Marketing Campaign



Revolve - Influencer Marketing Campaign

Revolve is known as an ecommerce fashion brand dedicated to the ‘cool girls’ of the generation, always sporting the hip and new trends. Already recognized for their influx of social media and influencer marketing and with 53% of women reporting that they purchase items due to influencer posts, Revolve is a company to look up to in situations of social media marketing.
This past spring, the company took their influencers to Coachella, the largest and most glamorous music festival set in Coachella Valley in Indio, California. While the brand is known to document their influencers in the Hamptons over the summers with #revolveinthehamptons, this outlet was new for the company, and they were ready to take on the challenge.

Coachella was bigger and better, and with another hashtag in the works- #revolvefestival -  a culmination of fashion, parties and music for the influencers to enjoy, it was bound to be amazing.

Scrolling through Instagram you would easily be able to see these attractions over the two weekends, especially if you follow the top notch fashion influencers like @sincerelyjules or @weworewhat wearing the brands clothing.

The Revolve Coachella weekend was one for the books, filled with glamorous influencer-infested cocktail parties and concerts hosted all by Revolve. If looking for a good influencer campaign, Revolve knows what’s up and by just peeking a glance at their hashtags anyone would know this influencer infested weekend was one to be remembered.


Glossier - Influencer Marketing Campaign

Starting out as an fashion and beauty blog known as Into The Gloss, CEO Emily Weiss (maybe you’ve seen her on American hit reality show The Hills!) branched out and created Glossier- a beauty startup brand inspired and created by real women, for real women.

A place where you can buy beauty products, give advice on what you’ve dealt with, or simply just candid interviews of your daily life, Glossier holds a lot of prominence in the world of beauty blogging.  What’s remarkable about Glossier is that the brand has grown increasingly fast since its launch in 2014, specifically through Instagram. Many believe, even Ms. Weiss herself, that Instagram and the use of real people influencers has created this massive beauty success.

While they are not the first company to launch a ‘real woman’ campaign, they certainly are the most successfulThrough their hashtag,  #ITGTopShelfie, consumers can post pictures of their success of the beauty products, that the company will see and even offer candid interviews, that way more people can hear about their success. From students who are on the run, to mothers with 3 kids, each woman has their own unique story about their beauty lifestyle, and Glossier brings that forward and makes it known and loved by the public.

The easy and candid friendship that exists between the customers and the brand has manifested into a ‘cult’, as some people would say, where these customers gradually become the models and spokespeople for the brand. And it is all thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram.


Apartements - Influencer Marketing Campaign

The Super Bowl is one of the most viewed television programs every year in the United States. It is appropriate to say that each year the commercials have become just as important to the viewers as the half time show or even the game itself. That’s why a company is willing to spend the big bucks for a coveted minute for their very own Super Bowl commercial.

This year used the power of influencers and celebrities to bring their brand to the forefront. Specifically, they worked with their seasoned personality Jeff Goldblum and introduced Lil Wayne into the commercial which was dubbed with the name “Movin’ On Up.” The premise was that more Americans are renting their homes these days, whether it be apartments or houses-it is now simply more common and affordable. With social media posts on his Instagram, Lil Wayne generated a buzz for the company while leading up to the Super Bowl. The teaser trailers of the commercial were funny and unique, which launched other musicians to post their own interpretations of the commercial and song “Movin’ on Up” on youtube thus generating even more hype. The success of the Instagram influencing from Lil Wayne and fellow musicians, as well as the generated buzz around the commercial allowed it be one of the memorable ones while watching the American Super Bowl.


Fiji Water - Influencer Marketing Campaign

Fiji water partnered with Danielle Bernstein, fashion blogger more commonly known as @weworewhat. Known for launching her own brand's Second Skin Overalls and Archive Shoes, Danielle is a model example of success to bloggers all around. This summer she joined with Fiji water and trainer Eric Johnson to create Bodyworewhat. When joining with a one time only fee of $35, users can receive access to 8 minute long workout videos with Danielle and Eric. The perfect routine for someone who doesn’t enjoy going to the gym, these videos range from cardio, to abs, to BFF workouts that are for sure to bring you your ideal body. As for Fiji water, they offered 25% off your first shipment of home delivery. Seen throughout her instagram over the summer, advertisements in Fiji workout gear, and videos perfect for that ‘summer bod’, Danielle Bernstein’s Bodyworewhat campaign really hit the spot this summer and Fiji was smart to join in on this influencer marketing campaign.

As influencer marketing continues to grow at a rapid rate, it is easy to say that there are many great campaigns through the years, and in 2017 we have seen some pretty successful ones (read our guide on how to measure the ROI of an influencer marketing campaign). From runway fashion to music to beauty blogging the world was at the fingertips of the companies using influencers and it proved successful with these 5 specific campaigns. As we head into 2018, it is safe to expect that the next influencer campaigns will be just as intriguing and successful as these.


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