The rise of middle power influencers

20 Sept. 2017

In the age of social media marketing, any form of influencing is crucial to gain more traction for your brand.

Today, we see that there are three major groups of influencers across almost all forms of social media. They are classified as micro influencers, middle power and celebritiesmega influencers. To find the best influencer for your brand, one group stands out as being the most ‘bang for your buck’- the middle power influencers.

The middle power influencers stuck in the middle between the virtually enhanced celebrities and the regulars who happen to be advanced at inspiring others on social media. These influencers concentrate on having a strong connection with their followers and typically focus on a certain spectrum which allows them to generate a large and specific target audience.

Whether it be fashion, travel or the ‘how to’s’ of life, all of their followers are searching for the same thing when engaging with this person. Due to the fact that they are not at full celebrity status yet, these influencers still maintain a real and personal connection with their followers, allowing them to get engaged faster and longer. Unlike mega influencers, who have such a large number of followers that a specific audience can hardly be pinpointed, middle influencers maintain a specific target audience, which is better for your brand if you want to attract the same type of people as they are. While the numbers can change, a middle influencers’ normal following is between 50,000 and 200,000 people while macro influencers have 200,000 to 1'000’000 follower. While this may seem like a large number, many of these influencers maintain a ‘real’ person status compared to mega influencers who generally have more than 1'000’000 followers on average.

That large of a specific and engaged following? What more do you need!?

In fact, there is more: being the middleman in the world of influencing, middle influencers reach and engage with the perfect amount of people: not too many or not too little. Having an 5%-25% engagement range per post, these influencers are able to be seen as both ‘real people’ to the general lover of social media, and as someone with a celebrity edge for having the large span of followers.

Recent studies have compared the amount of reach both middle and micro influencers can obtain. Mediakix tested 288 middle power influencers and 367 micro influencers and found that the middle reached 22 times more people than the micros did!  On top of that, they found that micro influencers had higher engagement rates for each specific brand they compared.

middle power influencer

If one of your biggest concerns involves affordability, there is no reason to look any further: while micro-influencers may seem like less of an investment, it does not mean that they will reward your company or brand in what you are looking for. In the case of middle influencers, you really are getting the most out of your marketing dollars. Working with middle influencers will produce the most return on investment within your company. Working with both micro or mega influencers would not. Micros’ engagement rate is not large enough to get any return for the money that they would be requiring. With the celebrities, due to their mega size, and low engagement rates  it is not worth the money for something that in unguaranteed. On top of that, many mega influencers may  be charging for endorsements on their channels, already trying to monetize their followers. With that, it seems that a middle influencer would be the best for your company in terms of rate of return.

With the sensible range of followers and lots engagement, using these influencers is worth the money you're spending.

Let’s not forget, that these people still engage in everyday life, and unlike most celebrities or mega-influencers, they do not spend their days at photoshoots and their nights on runways. Taking that into consideration, this automatically spreads the idea that these people enjoy what they do, and are determined to maintain its’ success in any way possible. When looking for the best all-around  influencer, the middle influencer is the type of person you would want for your company.

Another fact to take into consideration could be the range of social media that each influencer has. If an influencer is only connected through one platform, let’s say solely Instagram, they are missing out on a quarter of the amount of people they could reach if they were on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Snapchat as well. A middle influencer generally post on more than one account while STILL maintaining the personal connection aspect that is very necessary to be marketed as a reliable influencer. A micro influencer would not see this as an opportunity just yet. With their small size, they are not focused on connecting through other forms of media yet, thus losing their chances of reaching more people.

Jourdan Sloane is a self proclaimed fashion, design, travel and lifestyle blogger with a following of a little over 100,000. Being a middle influencer she maintains the needed engagement to be successful, even answering her followers questions on her Instagram and her Instagram story frequently. Recognizing the need for other platforms, she also holds a Twitter account as well as a professional email and website. Her specific style gauges a target audience of people with similar values, which is perfect for companies who want to zone in on a specific target audience.

middle power influencer

Middle influencers are paving the way to become the most influential people on all forms of social media. Due to their large range of followers, and specific target audiences, these influencers are able to reach and connect the perfect amount of people without having your company spend the big bucks. Middle influencers produce the perfect amount of engagement with their following, exemplify their ability to be well organized ‘real’ people, produce a good ROI for your company and maintain the same ideologies that you or your company might have. Knowing all of this, middle influencers are the perfect option for a company searching for an influencer to boost their brand.

Now that you know the power of the middle influencer why don't you start looking for a new talent to work with? Our guide to influencer selection can help you do it.


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